American accent

i took american accent training.

well, i speak english a lot. in fact, some friends sometimes got mad coz i talk to them in that tongue… hhhmm, reasons? …i am not good in speaking or talkin’ in tagalog…hehe…

so since this has been my habit, i decided to harness my american accent as well.

too good and timely that cris besas, a good friend and an officemate, recommended me for the training. it was free! free, because it was sponsored by PGMA… i took the exam and passed. written and oral. though, i doubt, the exam was just a formality.

i took the training for a month. 5-9pm. our class started on august 7 and ended yesterday. we were 28 students on the 1st day. and only 16(?) finished the course.

as expected, everybody asked why i was taking up the course when i am already working on a prestigious call center in the country. i said i am eager to learn more. to enhance my american accent. lately did i realize that the training was not really all about the accent, but for people who are willing to work in a call center.

i never regretted anyway. i learned enough. my grammar was reviewed. and my accent really improved. my speech as well.

i learned much, not just from the training itself but from the people around me. yes, meeting new people from various walks of life, teaches me a lot!

i realized that a 23 year old can be a teacher to a 55 year old. “M”, is our trainer. he is good. he said, “no one possesses the whole knowledge.” to good to say. so much that me too, i need to learn lot more. “the more that i know, the more that i do not know.”

i learned enough from my classmates. i learned that age does not matter in gaining knowledge. (much, financial difficulty is not a reason as well). our youngest in class is 18, angel. not naming the eldest. we
all enjoy each other’s companies!

i learned much about individual differences. unique characters. experiences. dreams. outlook in life. eagerness to improve oneself.

angel – the kikay with muching “perlas” on her earings and necklace
mami edith – naks, the mom who never experienced workin for a company but had her own! a good mom as well!
mitzi – miss “maarticulate”. read, maarte and articulate. she’s my closest. but recently always made fun of me.. and even quarreled me..hehe
aldric – the VCO boy. his family runs a VCO business 
mark – the pensioner. the “anointed one” as mami edith would say. receives 6k for his weekly allowance from his dad? wow!
joe – the fashionista, mitzi says so
biboy – the “DJ.” soon to be manager of shell? can do it biboy!
yanne – the cool buddy
mafet – the silent type but so much to share
nan – the man in formal attire
obet – another, humble businessman
brit – not britney spears. but because her accent is british. so “brit”
aiscel? – the deligent
awe – the starter. he is always the volunteer for every activity

ric –  the grandmaster. but he finished the course ahead of us. 

i learned heartfelt kindness. pure concern for other people. yes, i do have these but i do not have enough. these people inspired me more.

yesterday was our party. we finished some activity, and had dinner in the classroom. we brought the food, as assigned. every dish was delicious! we invited all the trainers. the food was abundant. we were even able to share to the other class.

i never ate much. watching them eating and sharing the moments of the last night made me already full. i gonna miss these guys.

after the class, we continued the party at pelangi, pioneer. had some hours singing just like the way professionals do.

whew!… good people!…real ones… i prefer to have just few friends but real. than have many but pretentious.

i realized, i will miss them. once, i told mitzi that i no longer bear sentimentality for any event that i know would just pass soon. i know that people come and go. but i was wrong this day. i was even nostalgic
this morning.

thank you guys for imparting me your knowledge. your best selves. you are great!

keep moving and follow your road to success. never depend on others. never give up. once you fail, never give failure a chance to dampen your spirit. it is not you who failed. but the situation. heads up. keep your eyes focused on your goals. it is not a matter of who meets success first, but a matter of who never gives up meeting success!

i never say goodbye for it means finality. but i say, till we meet again!

see you on the crossroads. see you on the pedestal of success!

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