Just an hour…

september 11, 2006

a father saw his boy’s hand sticked on the wall. he couldn’t get his hand off the wall’s hole. so the father instructed him to unclinch his fist and release. the boy said, “no.” the father asked, “what’s in your hand?” he said, “a marble.” the father said, “you choose. you hold on that marble, and stay here all throughout your life. or you release the marble and live freely, happily?”… so the boy released the marble!

it was the story said by a priest as a sermon opening at greenbelt chapel. he said, oftentimes, we hold on so many things that we think are necessary. but in truth, real burdens.

“everything that we posses are the things that rather posses us…”

“we need to unfree ourselves from these to attain the real hapiness…joy…”

“to attain joy is to accept pain. pain of letting go.”

“we release something that gives us temporary happiness, in exchange of real happiness.”… “these things are our problems, lifestyles, worries, and the likes.”

i felt guilty of the sermon. like the boy, i keep holding on the “marble.” the whole day was a hectic one. 9:30AM, i got home from work and slept. woke by 12PM for ultrasound at makati med. finished by 5PM and headed to the greenbelt for some reading again and courtesy to my Creator at the chapel. along the way, i was texting a friend for some beer session.

many things that i have been busy of that i almost forget to attend the mass. yes, i go for sundays, but how about for ordinary days? have i forgotten my roots? from where have i come? from where i was molded as a person?

upon reaching the chapel, i thought, why not attend the mass instead? why just few minutes? what is an hour anyway for the mass? whew!… i was so engrossed of myself for the past days. meeting friends.  gimmick. drinking session. health awareness. mental feeding… but what about my spirituality? almost forgotten!… only few minutes are allotted from the whole week that God gives me? 365 days a year?!

i kept nodding at the sermon. all the words pierced my chest.

communion time, i received Him. ahhh, what a great joy i felt. i felt fulfillment, literally!. i thanked Him! i have been looking for a “happiness.” but He is just there on my reach!…

real joy… Felicissima!

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  1. December 29, 2008 at 8:42 am

    […] to be with. I understand how hard it is to be drawn from our comfort zones (check related topic, “Just an hour”) and be thrown into the unknown. Worries and fears clothe our minds. We are anxious of what may […]

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