Wanted: mass commentator

Oct. 14, 2006, Saturday

It’s been long since I aspired being a commentator in Greenbelt Chapel. Way back, I was able to serve in Stop and Shop parish as a lector, together with my cousin. I think it is about time to return the favors again.

‘Tis then that I asked for a job – He granted.
‘Tis then that I asked comfort – He extended His arms.
‘Tis then that I just like to waste away time – He was just there. ;-).
‘Tis then that I cast worries – He never complained.

Days before that day, I was uneasy coz I had work. Blessing that our machine underwent maintenance so Saturday was made our rest day! Then I was able to attend the audition for mass commentator. Blessing again, I think I passed!…

Thanks my dear God. I am happy to serve you again! This dream has related dreams… If He’d allow, I’d to like serve even more people. The needy on the top… These are my big dreams… In my own little way now, I do… Till this “little” gets big…

During and after the audition, my hand played the camera. Here are those:


I arrived late! They were already grading other applicants. Each one has to read a passage on the spot.


The price of unconditional love


“How much do you love me?”
“Take my cup and carry my cross.”










Flowers for Her




Offers for the big Boy

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