Felicissima’s couple of the year

Dota, Ragnarok, Counterstrike (CS), Rising Force (RF), Fantasy NBA, name it… these are the “in” games of the “Y” Generation. All are computer based, be it off line or on line.  

Passed were street games-  “patentero,” hide and seek, “chato,” “tumbang preso,” and the likes… 

A new game also is on the fad today, Airsoft. Wikipedia describes:  

Airsoft refers to a sport or recreational pastime in which players participate in the   simulation of military– or law enforcement-style combat using smoothbore airsoft guns designed as replicas of real firearms. Fundamentally, airsoft is a game played within a reasonably large predetermined area – generally outdoors as in paintball, where the objective is to “hit” or “tag” other players with the projectile fired from an airsoft gun (termed a “BB”). 

I suppose, all these fads have also evolved from an old fashioned battle games back in our childhood. When computers were not yet inroduced by Bill Gates in the Philippines. Yes, battle game was one of our favorite games in town. Our guns- wooden assembled armalites, banana-stem made uzi’s, clay 45 caliber!…   

Whoa! We also did all the ground crawling, rolling… hiding in a hot dark stockroom for hours… climbing and jumping from cemented walls…   

Neil, the groom, is one of brod’s and my childhood friends. Jojo (Neil’s cousin), Tony (a God-brother), Arvin (brod of Tony), brod, and others were among the playmates. After the sweaty games, we used to plunge into Bulusan River. Hehe… Today, Neil is already playing the real guns!…;-)…   

Che, the bride, is also a friend since highschool. She’s a classmate of brod. I got closer to her because she was an active member of St. James Youth Choir (SJYC) – St. James the Greater Parish, Bulusan, Sorsogon. She was also a participant of Youth Encounter (YE) and became an active facilitator. I was then a seminarian and active facilitator and speaker of recollections, retreats, and YE’s.  Now, she’s already a practicing licensed Civil Engineer. 

These two buddies were our “kababata” (childhood friends). Yet they were not known to each one. Neil’s and our troops were busy maneuvering our improvized guns. While Che and her girlfriends were also busy harnessing their feminine skills, like “luto-lutuan,” and others.   

Years passed that the couple had the chance to get known to each other. Lory, Jojo’s sister and friend of Che, played their cupid. Just imagine how mysterious love is. Back in childhood, they were just a walk away to get acquainted with. But, it was already in the city that they had a chance to know each one.   

Indeed, they are blessed as a couple! Best wishes comrades!





DSCI0522 -orig-15


Expect more…

1 Comment

  1. neil & che said,

    November 24, 2006 at 6:40 pm

    you’re so sweet my dear, thank you so much.

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