Somebody approached me and commented that all my postings are generally concerning God. She said I might get passed through the heavens. (Hehe!)

She had a very good comment. But, why am I considering much of Him?

Let me answer…

God is the focal point of this life. He is the theme of this site. Felicissima!

What is joy without Him? What is everything without Him?

We end up always hollow. No satisfaction. Always looking for what could fill us for the moment. And crave for more. Considering the previous, a disgust. And no longer joy. Joy, just considered a simple event to be replaced of something new. A horrible endless longing. Just like a container that has a hole underneath. Never can be full. Always empty. No matter how you fill it, it always drains.

We are always like this. And we always claim sadness. We never appreciate what we have. We leave the “joy” that we contain for another “joy” that is not for us. We leave the 99% percent of what we have in exchange of the 1% percent that we feel we are missing. We feel as if lacking. We exchange the real satisfaction with a temporary one. Then we end up empty. Broken. Miserable. Full of regrets.

Until we like to put an end to this longing. Then what is that end? It is no other than… God. The Ultimate End.

St. Augustine once said, “my heart is restless, until it comes to rest in thee.” There had a point in St. Augustine’s life that he felt already exhausted longing. He almost experienced everything, but never found the real joy that he was looking for. Until he realized that everything is nothing without Him.

A contemporary in college shared: Christian is a word composed of – Christ and IAN. Removing Christ, IAN is left all alone. Without Christ, I A-m N-othing. Removing God from our lives, we are but nothing.

Many among us tend to contain God in our lives when we reach the old age. 60? 70? 80? Or when we are stricken with illness. Until, death bed? We only remember Him when we are already restless. After the full-year life He gave us, we only share with Him the almost wasted remaining years that we left. 

I realize, what if I incorporate Him in my life just now? Till forever? Then, I suppose, I have more fulfilling decades to be happy with. To be happy with Him! I will have Him enjoying together with my family. Not during sickness. Neither old age. But just now. Till then. Till without end.

Then…What is joy without God? What is your life without Him?


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