Where is my official photography website?

Long had I not updated my site. Big apologies for the inconvenience. You may wonder why. Well, please allow me to explain.

Here we go… I was supposed to launch a new website – Paul F. Photography. Unfortunately, I did not like the web lay out I have contracted with my web designer. So I decided to put it on hold. Maybe I would release a simpler one. Hopefully, very soon.

Many good things have happened to me in the past months. It seems everyday is a blessing to me. Just this July, I already opened my new business. My site shows what it is. Pretty obvious, it is photography business. I have already accepted wedding and debut photography. Here is the package:

-Unlimited soft copy of photos
-AVP (audio visual presentation)
-Photo album
-Video coverage

Erickson and Emily Wedding,Wedding

For just a minimum of Php 30k you can take home all. Very affordable since I am just new in the business. For simple events, like birthdays, I offer only Php 3k, good for 4 hours. The package only includes unlimited soft copy of the shots. Not bad for my clients. Note, for my close friends, take my service (birthdays only) for free!… Hehe…

Eventually, this is in preparation for the new business which my business partner and I will be opening next year. Photography Studio. We will cater events coverage and photo shoot sessions. I am forwarded for this new business.

For the update, my lending business is still working. Growing and growing and growing. Hmm… I’d like to manage lots of business because of some good purposes. Yes, the proceeds of these endeavors are not just for me and my family alone. I used to help other people too. It has been my passion and secret. Hehe… Though currently, I am slowly divulging this secret to other people so that I can keep up this commitment. Much, so that I can offer bigger help as time goes. I learned this idea from Bo Sanchez I think, if my memory serves me right. That if you disclose your philanthropic activities, you can inspire other people and your commitment and service will even increase eventually.

Anyway, October is the month of Philippine Fashion Week. The theme is Spring Summer 2010. I am honored to be an invite or a guest (not a photog) of the two of the top designers of the Philippines. Namely, Ramon Favila and Simon Ariel Vasquez. Thanks to my good friend, SVP Nick Pelaez – Rotary Club of Cristo Rey, Makati City, for introducing me to these guys. My gratitude is also due to Dhon Jason de Belen, runway2reality.com Founding Editor, for entertaining some of my inquiries.

The event was held at SMX Convention Center, Seashell Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. The attire? Fasionably Chic! Hehe, I just dunno if my attire can be called fashionably chic. It’s for you to judge. Oh well, I just tried so… Hehe…

The event was organized by the Runway Productions, having Joey A. Espino Jr. as the Executive Producer/Director and Audie A. Espino, an Executive Producer as well.

Arnel Zueta,Philippine Fashion Week,Runway Philippines

Arnel Zuleta,Philippine Fashion Week,Runway Philippines

NOTE: Other photos are being prepared for posting. (Thanks!)

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