Lay Liturgical Congress

All church servants of the Archdiocese of Manila gathered at SMX Convention Hall, Mall of Asia (MOA) on June 27, 2009. The event was spearheaded by the Arzobispado servants community, under the coordination of Rev. Fr. Genaro “Genie” Diwa. There were 5500 attendees.


Fr. Genie also delivered a discourse on the importance of Sunday in the church. He traced its historical accounts from the old Jewish culture, to Jesus’ era, and to the present times. He critiqued how the laity’s activities during Sundays changed from generation to generation.


Another speaker was Rev. Fr. Godwin Tatlonghari. He discussed the responsibilities of each community in the church. To cite some, altar servers, lectors and commentators, extraordinary ministers (lay ministers), etc.


During the forum, Former Chief Justice Artemio “Art” Panganiban was one of the panelists. He said, “love and justice go hand in hand.” One cannot exist without the other. He testified that before he gives a final court decision, he prays first. He is by the way an extraordinary minister in his parish. The forum was hosted by Sis. Bubbles of DZMM and Rev. Fr. Jason Laguerta, a co-PAGOROPOD (organization of seminarians, Diocese of Sorsogon) member in the seminary then.


The congress was highlighted by the appearance of His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal B. Rosales. His message, “Without Sunday, we cannot live.” He stressed the meaning of the Pascal Mystery in relation to our day to day lives. He also thanked all servants for offering their time and service to the church.




God bless all who serve in any other means.

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  1. dFish said,

    September 12, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    Wish to have read this on the news Paul…

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