Photo Shoot Day 1

March 10

I bought a big lobster only for Php 400.00 ($8.1). It weighed 1.4 kls. Not bad.

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In the evening, I had my cousin cook simmered it in coconut milk along with unripened jackfruit. Muy delicioso! I spent my dinner at the beach along with my cousins and their families. Hhhmm… I partnered it with grilled fish and pork chop!


A superb night, huh!

Summer 2009: Hongkong or homebound?

January this year… my friend, an aspiring commercial model, and I agreed to spend a vacation in Hongkong, crossing through Macau and Singapore. We already paid our airfare. Unfortunately, her mom did not permit her for the travel. So, I found it also uncomfortable to travel alone. Well… the airfare was non-transferable, non-refundable. It was already forfeited!… The schedule was supposed to be on March 4-13.

Hmm…Maybe we lost some bucks… But I gained another heartwarming vacation when I visited Sorsogon City then.

So here we go!

As soon as I arrived, I paid homage to Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral. My grandfather-priest, Rev. Fr. Lolito Fuentes, was then celebrating the morning daily mass. As far as I am aware, he was tasked to have the cathedral and the convent reconstructed. After the mass, breakfast followed, together with Rev. Frs. Treb Futol and Rowan Gramonte.

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Trivia: my deceased father’s name was Pablo and his birthday falls on June 28. The feast day of Sts. Peter and Paul is on June 29. Maybe my granny named him after St. Paul, Spanish of Paul… And!!! My name is Paul!!! But I am not junior, huh! Haha… Hmm, so no wonder my heart is close to this diocese!

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Calling all Sorsogon devotees both local and abroad, your diocesan center of praise is in need of financial support. It is almost more than a year and the buildings are not even half-finished.

Come again and follow my trail from March 10 to 13.