The Secret

Barely two years ago, I had met The Secret through the Oprah Winfrey Show. As soon as I opened my eyes in the late morning, I turned on the TV set and it was tuned in to Oprah’s program. She was guesting the people behind The Secret! This intrigued me (and maybe attracted me too) so I then secured a book for my keep. I even have the DVD version!


What is The Secret?


The Secret is simply the secret of the great men and women of all ages. It emphasizes an Eastern Philosophy which adheres to the principle that like attracts likes, thoughts attract similar thoughts, and condition attracts similar conditions. Though many are aware of this principle but only a few practice it. So then it remained a secret in history until The Secret revealed it and proved it. A reason why literally, we can only count through our fingers the number of prosperous and greatly successful people of all times!


It is evident in Psychology that you’re ought to be optimistic rather than pessimistic. Positive thoughts attract events, things, and circumstances of the same frequency level. Negative conditioning, to be specific, always leads to unpleasant results. Napoleon Hill, one of the famous inspirational writers scribed: What the mind can conceive and believe, can be achieved. Keep that in mind.


Simply, if you appreciate all the goodness in life, the more that good things will happen to you. You may not know when or how, but they will just pop up out of nowhere. The Whole Universe will conspire with you and provide you what you have thought of! If you fill your mind with regrets, fears, failures, and all negative thoughts, then you will magnet same occurrences! You will even attract people of the same sentiments!


Every thought is a cause, and every circumstance is just an effect.


Photography has been my passion. Lately, I was inclined into fashion photography. Out of nowhere, here comes a former friend.  She presented a proposal:


          Business name


          Pacier Studio’s Modeling Agency, Inc.




          We are a modeling agency, supplying the advertising, fashion,  magazines, and, media industry with models for family, style, products, and services.

          We accept models, aging one-year old to early teens, teens, young adults, and adults.


Your thought is just like a magnet. Driven by a strong desire, it can bring you the best things in life.