The day I asked extra “bread,” God gave me good friends!

Hu – whhhaaatttt???  

Yes! One day, I was praying that I might need an extra “bread”…  The answer was… a friend, Nyle, calling for some help!…

Hehe!… I thought I was the one needing help?!.. Yes, she asked help… But, not for her. It was for a friend.   

My office work then started by 6am. So, I had to wake up by 4am to prepare myself… everything! This means I needed to sleep as early as possible. Nyle called at 11pm! I was on my bed already, sleeping. But she and her friend wanted to see me ASAP. I was passing on many alibis so that I won’t see them. Well, I needed to wake early huh!..;-)…  But oddly enough, I still met them. 12am, Chowking.  We talked… and they handed me some papers. Her friend was finishing her thesis so they gave me the piles of papers for a survey. Yes, I needed to conduct the survey at the office and let my co-agents fill out the forms. 120 questionnaires.  

In the office we do not have extra time, so I found it awkward asking these co-employees to fill out the forms. Yet, I did it! I think I had 20 or 30 agents finished the survey.   

Days passed. Nyle, called again!… yet it was not another help at this time. She was offering me English tutorials. She was leaving for the US of A, and she needed me to replace her post. I said, wow God was listening to me!…   

She introduced me to Chan and Shin, and their family. They are Koreans, living in the Philippines. Chan has been here for long with her dad and mom, so she can speak English and Tagalog well. But Shin had just arrived on February, this year.  I have been teaching Shin since then.  

Yes, salary is just salary, but the most important thing is, they became my good friends! They have a very good family. The father was a minister in their church before, and the mother is a plain housewife. Dad is the breadwinner… Mom, assists to the daily needs of Chan and Shin.  Chan is a very good daughter. She helps her dad in his business and aids her mom in house chores.  They never have a full-time maid, so mostly they maintain the house themselves.  

Shin, is a very good girl as well. She is a good student of mine. She also ministers to house chores…. I teach her on my free time and her free time. Usually after my work and her classes. 

 I admire this family. A lot of bibles are posted at every corner in the house. They pray constantly and go to the church during Saturdays and Sundays. Devotedly! They never exchange their church services for any other activities.  I enjoy when I am with them. We laugh a lot. Chan, Shin, and I jam just like we are long old friends. Chan is a very sweet girl, as well as Shin. Chan always imitates my gestures, and I laugh lots the way she performs them. Shin shares her thoughts and beliefs about life, friends, and relationships. They share the same traits. I learn a lot from them.  Mom, though cannot speak English well, used to laugh with us.  These two girls just translate to her things that she cannot understand. Soon after, I also became mom’s tutor.   

I love this family. Before, my perception for Korean men were, you know, womanizer. Ahh, well, it’s a typical sight around the metro. But, this family proves my perception wrong. Actually, what you view in Korean novellas is very much similar to this family. There are too many traits to mention.  

 God never answers our prayers literally. But He teaches us to work for things we ask. He hones our skills so that we can work well and live life to the full.   

God never gives us what we wanted. But He gives more than what we need.  

God never provides us just “bread.” But He gives us real good friends.


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