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Guys, this is a nice read from MSN Money, Got $2,200? In this world, you’re rich.  

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A global study reveals an overwhelming wealth gap, with the world’s three richest people having more money than the poorest 48 nations combined.

By MarketWatch

The richest 2% of the world’s population owns more than half of the world’s household wealth.

You may believe you’ve heard this statistic before, but you haven’t: For the first time, personal wealth — not income — has been measured around the world. The findings may be surprising, for what makes people “wealthy” across the world spectrum is a relatively low bar.

The research indicates that assets of just $2,200 per adult place a household in the top half of the world’s wealthiest. To be among the richest 10% of adults in the world, just $61,000 in assets is needed. If you have more than $500,000, you’re part of the richest 1%, the United Nations study says. Indeed, 37 million people now belong in that category. Read the rest of this entry »