A “Moral Compass”

Life without ideals is like a ship without a rudder.                    

March 3, 2007 on News On Q, lunch time. Chino TriniDad interviewed Equestrienne Tony Leviste after winning in World Cup Jumping qualifiers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She said, “Winning gold in Olympics is sometimes impossible. But I love the impossible.” Words blurted out from the lips of a real victor. Impressively, she is the first non-Arab to be invited to the prestigious World Cup Arab League, competing with predominantly male Arab riders! 

Who might have thought that she would win despite the ordeal she has now. Imagine a daughter contending in a cup away home, while having her father tried and convicted in her homeland?! 

What is the demarcation line between a victor and loser?  A “moral compass.”  Read the rest of this entry »