All I want this Christmas

Christo Rei (Christ the King) culminates the Ordinary Time in the Liturgical Calendar Year of the church. The church has just celebrated its feast last Sunday, November 26, 2006. Sunday following it, starts Advent Season. Advent is the season in preparation for Christmas. Advent means “coming.” It is regarded as the beginning of the Christian ecclesiastical year. 

It is again Christmas! Are you also preparing for Christmas? … Preparing for what? … For yourself?  

Or, preparing a list to buy for presents? For God-children, kins, friends…Or, things you like to buy for yourself?  

What do you want in Christmas?  


Me? Simple… I like new MP3, cellphone, and digicam!…  

But wait, with all the calamities that swept the town, will I procure all these?!….Hehe just kidding.  

All I want is… just… new wears. You know, a clothe, a pair of pants, a pair of socks, and undies…

But wait again!… I would like somebody to give me these as gift. I may no longer have enough budget for myself. My niece and cousin will spend their Christmas with me, and like last year, I will shop for them. Including my mom, other kins, God-children, friends, and other people (less fortunate). Plus, I will also treat these two around. 

So?! Do you think something would be left for me? Nada!… Hehe… 

I remember when I was still a kid (till college), my happiness was just very simple. My mom would just give me a new shirt to be used on the Christmas Eve mass… and sometimes with a new pair of socks and undies…And wallah! That made the whole Christmas Season so joyous! 

Christmas for kids are so meaningful. A little present makes them so glad. Regardless of the price, of the tags… as long as it’s a gift, they are already so proud of it. Especially if the gift is somehow wrapped…much beautifully?! Presentably!  

Yes, it may not be about the wrapper, but it would mean that the recipient is special the fact that the gift is diligently wrapped in a special way!  

Afterall… it’s not really the gift that makes us happy… but the feeling that we are treasured! We are important…How that person loves us. How he or she cares.  

Sometimes, we ignore this sense of happiness. As we grow, we are already focused on the price, on the tags… on the brand… Not on its value as a gift. Not on the thought why the person gives us a gift. We think we are less valuable because the gift is not that costly. Kids never think of it. They care less. 

All I want this Christmas… is… to be a little child again… I would love to have a new clothe, pants, socks, and undies… Like when I was a child, I would sniff their factory-fresh scent. Hmmm… being proud that I have new wears!… Hehe… 

But why not the new gadgets that I mentioned when I can also reserve some bucks for them? Well, personally, I do not feel satisfied of its thought. Especially if I can see street children asking for money in order to buy a meal to suffice the whole day!  

Ahh… my cellphone is still doing best. I can still send text… call my kins… and call a friend…  


And I only listen to music when I am not in the mood. So buying an MP3 may not be that necessary. It is only seldom that I feel not in the mood. Hehe… 

My digicam still serves me quality pictures! So, I can still feed this site with beautiful captures. Right?! 

Besides, my cell and digicam are all gifts from brod (younger to me). They are not new ones! But they are second hands! Mind you!… ;-)… 

Perhaps, Christmas is celebrated having the “Christ” as the new born, so that we can emulate the sense of joy of a little child. Joy that is innocent. Pure.  

So that we can appreciate God’s love to us in the purest of our hearts… The love that is manifested through the little things that we have… through our families… friends… and every person…  

Hope, the more that we give. Blessings are not for us alone. We are just channels of these blessings to others. It is when we stop relaying these blessings that the source of blessing itself would eventually stop from pouring in.  Simple… there is no more outlet of the flow.  

Ummm… I would wish… a new shirt… a new pair of pants… a new pair of socks… and new undies… Hehe… For sure, I will wear them on Christmas Eve mass! … and have myself pictured with the new wears! (excluding undergarment ha! Heh!) 

Merry Christmas! And God bless all!


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