Fashion and Glamour

November 24, 2006 

It was a good day… because… I had a first-class sleep! Hehe… Wow! For the whole week, this one was a good sounding sleep! I woke up by 7am! It’s my rest day… Geez! For the past days I was always tired and dizzy. Just imagine, I slept at 11pm and woke up by 4am. Basically, I only have 5 hours rest for almost the days. 

I did a rest day OT (overtime). I had nothing to do at home anyway. A bonus… this lady friend was able to communicate with me through the phone, whom I thought mad at me before. But she was not! We had a very pleasant conversation and planned a night out. She’s working in PS Bank now.  

It was 6pm already and was about to go home. Along the way to Greenbelt, I spotted these little boys in their red and white cassocks, falling on queue. Aha! I thought they were a choir and would sing somewhere! Well, I was a choir myself way back my youth (in the seminary) and I missed singing Christmas carols! Sooo… I followed sight of them, as they entered Greenbelt 4. Tailing them, I then came into the building thinking that they would just sing in a – you know – typical mall show…  But… I was wrong! To my surprise, when I walked in, everyone was on their black attire! I asked the guards where were the choir was heading to. Politely, they guided me through. Err!!! It was a fashion show! Of Prada, Bvlgari, LV, Gucci, etc… I was there anyway, so I just joined the crowd… Hehe! 

The kids sang very well. I asked a lady beside me about the choir and she answered, it was the Las Piñas Boys Choir…  

While enjoying the melodious carols, celebrities and models were pouring in. I didn’t know some of them, but I could recall some faces from ABS-CBN. For sure I recognized Daphne Orseña. She was the host of the night. But the models? They were new faces to me. They were really really pretty. Though, some were real thin! It’s their tag anyway.…;-)… Cameras flashed in on every corner… My regrets, I never brought mine. 

As the choir sang, waiters (also in black) were tendering glasses of wine. A variation of white and red. I chose the white one. As I sipped, I could feel the warmth that passes through my throat…Cheeze! They also distributed some finger sandwiches and chips in dip-sauce… I declined the food. I enjoyed my wine… ;-)… 

Singing finished… Daphne introduced herself… and… the models… Then, the models started cat-walking. Not on a stage, but along the aisles! There had no ramp pad. They walked beside us on their vests being modeled upon. They were tall, mestizas, morenas, chinitas! (quite familiar huh?!) Pause, walk, and pause. Smile, wink, and head-twist. Smoothly! And little chit-chat with the audience.  

Closer to me was a lady, in her 50’s (?), they were introducing to about the products. If my hearing served me right, a certain small bag worths Php76,000.00! Whew!… ;-)… 

Many personalities still pulled in… In their gowns, suits, and a combination of jeans and suit. Some were on the typical ragged apparel with a scratched groomed hair. Tessa Prieto-Valdes was present too! 

In addition to the show a foreign lady harper played her pieces. I also witnessed her perform, I think yester-year in Shang-ri La Mall, Ortigas? Before her number, we had a little conversation and she mentioned that she’s married to a Filipino. Hmmm… That’s why… she has had a regular appearance in the country. 

The overall show was excellent! Oh well, I consider photo shooting these ladies on their cat-walks sometime!… 😉 

I never finished the harper perform. I left a bit dizzy and face-red-flashed.  Hehe. I think I was able to finish 6 glasses of wine? Aha!… It had larger alcohol content huh?! 

(Click!… Lights off… Bed time.)


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