Of rings and church bells

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever imagined? Saying “I do” in a most romantic place?

Yes! You’re right… 

Everyone dreams of it… Except of course the religious and the single blessed. Or of some who are having personal issues. Right? For us who long for it, we already have in our minds the picture of that special day in our lives. 

DSCI0168 copy

As everyone heads to the altar, some choose to make it a very private affair. Count me in!

Though this is what I foresee in my wedding day, I cannot guarantee that this is the exact detail to happen. Of course I have to consider the ideas of my would-be bride. Plus, I have to consider our priorities. 

The church… Filipino tradition has it that the church is preferably located at the bride’s residence. Or any church nearest to her area. However, nowadays, this can already be agreed upon by both sides. So in here, my “perfect” venue comes in. Though, I cannot tell the exact location, it must be a secret between me and my girl until further announcements. Hehe…Yet, let me just give some picture. It is not exactly a church. But it is a chapel within a retreat residence. Beside it is a cemented kiosk enclosed by a man-made lagoon. The surrounding is carpeted by super green carabao grass. Posted by coconut trees and other plant trees. I dunno if it still has a flower garden till now. But I suppose, the nuns would never demolish it since gardening is one of their hobbies. Too perfect for everything, huh!

The priest-presider… I am thinking of Fr. Peter James Alindogan. I am not just after the wedding mass, but I also would like the day to have a good homily. Remember, this day is the groundbreaking of my future family. Fr. PJ is one of the best sermon deliverers I’ve ever known. I do not know where is he located at the moment, but if he would be around, so good… if not, some other known good preachers.

The choir… If given an opportunity, why not the seminarians? Either high school or college would do. If not available, I prefer the Sorsogon Cathedral choir or Fatima Choir. These choirs are at par with other choirs in the country I believe. They sing very well.

Mass songs… Ehem!… please do not react!… hehe… Remember, this is my wedding day and not yours! I like it to be unique and memorable. You are just my guest if ever… hehe…I like Latin pieces for Kyrie, Alleluia, Our Father, Doxology, and Lamb of God. I like Latin because, I prefer to have a solemn wedding mass. The rests, my bride and I would choose from the best wedding songs.

sepia3-90%For me, the mass is the center of this feast. Not even me and my bride.  Much, nor the reception. The reception is just a banquet for our families and our guests to share the blessing of a new family. It is to celebrate the feast of the newly weds. 

The guests… Since this marks our special day, special people must be present. Only our families and close friends are invited (exclusively?!). They would be our pillars in our family to come. Much, our family’s circle of friends. So they must be treated especially. 

The photo shoot venue… Right there within the retreat area! We have the kiosk, the lagoon, the grass-greened lawn, the flower garden, the lobby, the statue of David at the entrance, and many more! Many sites near the location as well! Wow!

 The reception area… Still, within the retreat residence – the hall, the huge lawn, etc. While our visitors sumptuously enjoy the feast, I would serenade them with a violinist, a pianist, and a soloist.

This wedding day may not be perfect. But, at least this is the best one I can offer to my girl. My girl is special, that is why, right from the genesis of our family, she already is saluted with great honors. 

My better-half and I would not just have a good wedding of our own, but we will also build a good family. Till we reach a point that our offspring will also come to an age when they will also settle for their families. In here, we, the parents, will pass on the dream wedding we had. We will support them all through out. 

This then is the picture of our wedding.



  1. felicissima said,

    November 24, 2006 at 3:11 pm

    Hello Fr.,

    Wow! I appreciate your feedback! My pleasure! Thank you for it. For sure, I will keep you posted.

    Yes, I will visit your site. May God continue pouring His blessings.

  2. fr. pj said,

    November 22, 2006 at 11:42 pm

    dear felicissima,

    thank you for mentioning me in your blog. am presently here in new jersey. let me know when you’ll tie the knot. might be there for that. when you have the time, do check out my blog: http://www.pottersjar.blogspot.com. regards and prayers.

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