PADS: priests in concert

i was browsing the net about the priests in our diocese and i got passed through this article of emir, PDI…

order of fathers’ names, from left to right:

fr. treb was our director in teatro kawangis, in 2nd year high school, peñafrancia seminary. we played “neon” and “tano”…vernon frayna, my sano, was the main cast of “tano”…i could not remember if i was one of the casts…hehe…treb is a multi-talented priest…treb, i like this…picCLERGY

   “Love is poverty because when I love, I give myself until nothing is left. So the greater our love is, the poorer we become. That’s why some people refuse to love because they are afraid to losewhat they have in the name of love … But we will never be emptied (of love) because God continuously gives himself in love.”

fr. edu, uuuummm, basta kabiruan sya ng lahat…komedyante den… can’t also recall if he was assigned in my own parish, bulusan, when he was just a seminarian…yah i think with fr. vic dollentas? 

fr. ramil, one of Pag-oropod’s chairmen…(Pag-oropod is an organization of seminarians. literally, samahan) …uuummm, naabutan ko sya in the seminary when he was in pre-college…matalino to dudes!

fr. alex, he was my religion professor in 1st year high. funny and witty. he also was our music teacher…

fr. totoy, wahoo!…he was our witty clown….just dunno if till now…bambet mirandilla (?) ang kapartner nya always…pag-andyan ang 2, bingo, magulo ang Pag-oropod…hehe

fr. jun, our spiritual director in college. he taught many philosophy subjects. also very good in guitar and piano.

saludo ako pads!..more power! 


Sorsogon abuzz as
priests take on love

Posted:3:10 AM (Manila Time) | Feb. 19, 2004
By Emir Gamis
Inquirer News Service

WHO says priests can’t fall in love? Six priests in the diocese of Sorsogon disagree, setting Sorsogon abuzz on Feb. 7 and sending people in droves to watch them tread where others fear to.

Minor traffic ensued as vehicles, mostly jeepneys from various towns in Sorsogon City, squeezed for parking space as the queue of spectators curved on the side of the street in front.

Posters pasted on the entrance wall shattered illusions of a mob trial: “PADS … in love (A Benefit Concert for the Home for the Clergy).” PADS stands for Priest-Artists, Diocese of Sorsogon.

Fathers Alex Jerus, 40; Jun Elegado, 38; Edu Fulay, 36; Albert “Treb” Futol, 35; Ramil Enteria, 34; and Pat “Totoy” Alcantara, 34, were set to do the unthinkable — regale the crowd with love songs. Continued –> Inquirer News Service


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