Fashion and Glamour

November 24, 2006 

It was a good day… because… I had a first-class sleep! Hehe… Wow! For the whole week, this one was a good sounding sleep! I woke up by 7am! It’s my rest day… Geez! For the past days I was always tired and dizzy. Just imagine, I slept at 11pm and woke up by 4am. Basically, I only have 5 hours rest for almost the days. 

I did a rest day OT (overtime). I had nothing to do at home anyway. A bonus… this lady friend was able to communicate with me through the phone, whom I thought mad at me before. But she was not! We had a very pleasant conversation and planned a night out. She’s working in PS Bank now.  

It was 6pm already and was about to go home. Along the way to Greenbelt, I spotted these little boys in their red and white cassocks, falling on queue. Aha! I thought they were a choir and would sing somewhere! Well, I was a choir myself way back my youth (in the seminary) and I missed singing Christmas carols! Sooo… I followed sight of them, as they entered Greenbelt 4. Tailing them, I then came into the building thinking that they would just sing in a – you know – typical mall show…  But… I was wrong! To my surprise, when I walked in, everyone was on their black attire! I asked the guards where were the choir was heading to. Politely, they guided me through. Err!!! It was a fashion show! Of Prada, Bvlgari, LV, Gucci, etc… I was there anyway, so I just joined the crowd… Hehe! 

The kids sang very well. I asked a lady beside me about the choir and she answered, it was the Las Piñas Boys Choir…  

While enjoying the melodious carols, celebrities and models were pouring in. I didn’t know some of them, but I could recall some faces from ABS-CBN. For sure I recognized Daphne Orseña. She was the host of the night. But the models? They were new faces to me. They were really really pretty. Though, some were real thin! It’s their tag anyway.…;-)… Cameras flashed in on every corner… My regrets, I never brought mine. 

As the choir sang, waiters (also in black) were tendering glasses of wine. A variation of white and red. I chose the white one. As I sipped, I could feel the warmth that passes through my throat…Cheeze! They also distributed some finger sandwiches and chips in dip-sauce… I declined the food. I enjoyed my wine… ;-)… 

Singing finished… Daphne introduced herself… and… the models… Then, the models started cat-walking. Not on a stage, but along the aisles! There had no ramp pad. They walked beside us on their vests being modeled upon. They were tall, mestizas, morenas, chinitas! (quite familiar huh?!) Pause, walk, and pause. Smile, wink, and head-twist. Smoothly! And little chit-chat with the audience.  

Closer to me was a lady, in her 50’s (?), they were introducing to about the products. If my hearing served me right, a certain small bag worths Php76,000.00! Whew!… ;-)… 

Many personalities still pulled in… In their gowns, suits, and a combination of jeans and suit. Some were on the typical ragged apparel with a scratched groomed hair. Tessa Prieto-Valdes was present too! 

In addition to the show a foreign lady harper played her pieces. I also witnessed her perform, I think yester-year in Shang-ri La Mall, Ortigas? Before her number, we had a little conversation and she mentioned that she’s married to a Filipino. Hmmm… That’s why… she has had a regular appearance in the country. 

The overall show was excellent! Oh well, I consider photo shooting these ladies on their cat-walks sometime!… 😉 

I never finished the harper perform. I left a bit dizzy and face-red-flashed.  Hehe. I think I was able to finish 6 glasses of wine? Aha!… It had larger alcohol content huh?! 

(Click!… Lights off… Bed time.)

Too broke to save money? Never

As I mentioned, I would be posting here more tips to achieve financial success.  Below is an article from MSN by Liz Pulliam Weston.


Tips about cutting back on vacations seem downright cruel if you’re barely hanging on. But even paycheck-to-paycheck types can save money. Here’s how you can do it. 

Liz Pulliam WestonJason Adair is irritated by all the stories he sees about how to save money. 

Most of what he reads on the Internet or sees on television seems targeted at people who actually have budget fat to trim, not people who are truly living paycheck to paycheck — like he is, supporting a family of three on a single income of $40,000 a year.  Take just one bit of typical belt-tightening advice: “Eat out less!” Adair, an information technology worker from Morrisville, N.C., wonders how that would be possible. 

“Please, spending $15 at Arby’s every other month is a splurge. My wife and I have not purchased a meal in a real restaurant in about three years,” Adair wrote MSN Money in an e-mail. “I want to see an article that helps people that are truly struggling.” 

Adair’s got a good point. When it’s a matter of cutting out a few lattes or trips to the mall, saving money can be relatively easy — maybe not fun, but certainly not excruciating. When you’re facing a choice between paying the electric bill and buying health insurance, advice on saving money can seem like a sick joke.  Next >>

Felicissima’s couple of the year

Dota, Ragnarok, Counterstrike (CS), Rising Force (RF), Fantasy NBA, name it… these are the “in” games of the “Y” Generation. All are computer based, be it off line or on line.  

Passed were street games-  “patentero,” hide and seek, “chato,” “tumbang preso,” and the likes… 

A new game also is on the fad today, Airsoft. Wikipedia describes:  

Airsoft refers to a sport or recreational pastime in which players participate in the   simulation of military– or law enforcement-style combat using smoothbore airsoft guns designed as replicas of real firearms. Fundamentally, airsoft is a game played within a reasonably large predetermined area – generally outdoors as in paintball, where the objective is to “hit” or “tag” other players with the projectile fired from an airsoft gun (termed a “BB”). 

I suppose, all these fads have also evolved from an old fashioned battle games back in our childhood. When computers were not yet inroduced by Bill Gates in the Philippines. Yes, battle game was one of our favorite games in town. Our guns- wooden assembled armalites, banana-stem made uzi’s, clay 45 caliber!…  

Whoa! We also did all the ground crawling, rolling… hiding in a hot dark stockroom for hours… climbing and jumping from cemented walls…  

Neil, the groom, is one of brod’s and my childhood friends. Jojo (Neil’s cousin), Tony (a God-brother), Arvin (brod of Tony), brod, and others were among the playmates. After the sweaty games, we used to plunge into Bulusan River. Hehe… Today, Neil is already playing the real guns!…;-)…  

Che, the bride, is also a friend since highschool. She’s a classmate of brod. I got closer to her because she was an active member of St. James Youth Choir (SJYC) – St. James the Greater Parish, Bulusan, Sorsogon. She was also a participant of Youth Encounter (YE) and became an active facilitator. I was then a seminarian and active facilitator and speaker of recollections, retreats, and YE’s.  Now, she’s already a practicing licensed Civil Engineer.

These two buddies were our “kababata” (childhood friends). Yet they were not known to each one. Neil’s and our troops were busy maneuvering our improvized guns. While Che and her girlfriends were also busy harnessing their feminine skills, like “luto-lutuan,” and others.  

Years passed that the couple had the chance to get known to each other. Lory, Jojo’s sister and friend of Che, played their cupid. Just imagine how mysterious love is. Back in childhood, they were just a walk away to get acquainted with. But, it was already in the city that they had a chance to know each one.  

Indeed, they are blessed as a couple! Best wishes comrades!






DSCI0522 -orig-15


Expect more…

Of rings and church bells

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever imagined? Saying “I do” in a most romantic place?

Yes! You’re right… 

Everyone dreams of it… Except of course the religious and the single blessed. Or of some who are having personal issues. Right? For us who long for it, we already have in our minds the picture of that special day in our lives. 

DSCI0168 copy

As everyone heads to the altar, some choose to make it a very private affair. Count me in!

Though this is what I foresee in my wedding day, I cannot guarantee that this is the exact detail to happen. Of course I have to consider the ideas of my would-be bride. Plus, I have to consider our priorities. 

The church… Filipino tradition has it that the church is preferably located at the bride’s residence. Or any church nearest to her area. However, nowadays, this can already be agreed upon by both sides. So in here, my “perfect” venue comes in. Though, I cannot tell the exact location, it must be a secret between me and my girl until further announcements. Hehe…Yet, let me just give some picture. It is not exactly a church. But it is a chapel within a retreat residence. Beside it is a cemented kiosk enclosed by a man-made lagoon. The surrounding is carpeted by super green carabao grass. Posted by coconut trees and other plant trees. I dunno if it still has a flower garden till now. But I suppose, the nuns would never demolish it since gardening is one of their hobbies. Too perfect for everything, huh!

The priest-presider… I am thinking of Fr. Peter James Alindogan. I am not just after the wedding mass, but I also would like the day to have a good homily. Remember, this day is the groundbreaking of my future family. Fr. PJ is one of the best sermon deliverers I’ve ever known. I do not know where is he located at the moment, but if he would be around, so good… if not, some other known good preachers.

The choir… If given an opportunity, why not the seminarians? Either high school or college would do. If not available, I prefer the Sorsogon Cathedral choir or Fatima Choir. These choirs are at par with other choirs in the country I believe. They sing very well.

Mass songs… Ehem!… please do not react!… hehe… Remember, this is my wedding day and not yours! I like it to be unique and memorable. You are just my guest if ever… hehe…I like Latin pieces for Kyrie, Alleluia, Our Father, Doxology, and Lamb of God. I like Latin because, I prefer to have a solemn wedding mass. The rests, my bride and I would choose from the best wedding songs.

sepia3-90%For me, the mass is the center of this feast. Not even me and my bride.  Much, nor the reception. The reception is just a banquet for our families and our guests to share the blessing of a new family. It is to celebrate the feast of the newly weds. 

The guests… Since this marks our special day, special people must be present. Only our families and close friends are invited (exclusively?!). They would be our pillars in our family to come. Much, our family’s circle of friends. So they must be treated especially. 

The photo shoot venue… Right there within the retreat area! We have the kiosk, the lagoon, the grass-greened lawn, the flower garden, the lobby, the statue of David at the entrance, and many more! Many sites near the location as well! Wow!

 The reception area… Still, within the retreat residence – the hall, the huge lawn, etc. While our visitors sumptuously enjoy the feast, I would serenade them with a violinist, a pianist, and a soloist.

This wedding day may not be perfect. But, at least this is the best one I can offer to my girl. My girl is special, that is why, right from the genesis of our family, she already is saluted with great honors. 

My better-half and I would not just have a good wedding of our own, but we will also build a good family. Till we reach a point that our offspring will also come to an age when they will also settle for their families. In here, we, the parents, will pass on the dream wedding we had. We will support them all through out. 

This then is the picture of our wedding.

Beauty, more than the eye to behold

Months past, some friends and I were discussing about what beauty is. I shared to them how fascinated am I with pretty girls! So I asked them what beauty means to them. One replied, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The two girls, I cannot remember the remarks. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I suppose, this is not a definition. I imagine she was referring to a physical beauty. A common answer to cover up limitations of the physical… of the external. But, somehow this girl was quite closer to the answer that I was looking for.  

Yes, beauty is something that is pleasant, whatever the aspect maybe. This might be the reason why I fully admire beautiful women. White-complexioned, an advantage… Chinese-looking… pretty… cutie eyes… longhaired, also a plus… slim… with a sweet smile…do I still lack some features? You may add the list, as you please. Though, I do not limit to white-complexioned ones. There are the tanned ones too! Morenas!


This passion, however, is not restricted to the physical beauty. Yes, a girl maybe physically pretty, but if she is not smart, for me she is not beautiful at all. Attraction always comes just as an introduction to the appreciation of the real beauty. Beauty in the physical manner is non-substantial if it has no source from within… the inner beauty. The inner beauty makes the physical sphere glow, however physically inadequate a person maybe. Physical beauty is nothing if a person lacks a character… charm… smartness… talent… positive outlook… confidence… uniqueness… disposition… decisiveness… determination… integrity… finesse… conviction… et ceteraet cetera

Vidal Tan in his speech, If I had a daughter, says, “not all women can be beautiful (physically), but all can be charming… while beauty fades with the years, charm grows, mellows and acquires a rich bouquet as her hair turns from black to grey… more often than not, physical beauty is a hindrance rather than a help to her happiness. There is a danger that her beauty would make her selfish, vain, proud, and lazy.” 

The book, The Little Prince, projects, what is essential is invisible to the eyes. Then, what is beautiful is invisible to the eyes. Physical beauty is nothing but an “icing” to the cake. It is just an instrument that the sight can get attracted to. But the sight is limited to what is corporeal…to what is tangible. It can only appreciate something that it can see. Hence, it is deceiving.  felix

What is essential is invisible to the eyes. Real beauty transcends the material. It glows. It radiates. It overpowers the physicality. A person may not be physically endowed, but it is his or her inner beauty that blazes!   After all everyone is created beautifully! An account, which testifies, that God created everyone equally beautiful. God never created ugly persons. But it is the person himself or herself who chooses to be ugly or beautiful. It is a choice, not a destiny. 

I was once assigned to the parish of Fr. Jojo (pardon me I cannot recall his surname). One Easter Sunday, he accounted in his sermon, that resurrection is God’s message to us of giving importance to something beautiful within us. The congregation burst into laughter when he said, that every morning when he wakes up, he faces the mirror and talks to his reflection, saying “gwapo ka!” (you are handsome!). They laughed not because Fr. Jojo was not as good-looking as other priests are, but they laughed because they found in him the character of the real “gwapo”… making oneself confident despite some limitations… a self-affirmation. He said, resurrection is finding meaning to what is essential…He is indeed a real beautiful person!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Fr. Jun Sescon (Chaplain – Sto. Niño de Paz Chapel, Greenbelt, Ayala) would say, beauty is more than the eye to behold. 

You are beautiful! Aren’t you? 

When we give, we give the best

when inspired, or touched by a situation, I usually record the reflections about it…. what I feel, what I learn… learning is not from school alone… it is everywhere… from the things we see… people we meet… learning is free…

…our daily bread, truly a food for the soul…

From: Paul
Sent:   Saturday, January 25, 2003 5:07 PM
Posted To: *Our Daily Bread (Free Food for the Soul)*

it’s CSS down (machine or work tools)….so I tend to read all the notes being posted here…It feels relaxing to let the messages be absorbed by my sub-conscious…If I were just a poet, the scene is like, the fragrance of a rose which thrusts into your nose, even if you don’t feel like smelling it…the smell diffuses into the air and your nose unwantedly catches it…It just subsumes into the olfactory without the influence of anybody…or anything…. Just like this “Our Daily Bread”, truth to say it is food for the soul!…There’s no one preaching out the Word of God, yet it radiates into my well being…. It truly penetrates the heart….In one moment, I feel guilty….On the other I smile!…Guilty for the things I have missed to do…to care… to love….to share…Smiley, for the messages which can be learned just in the daily living yet, it seems to me, too blur to see…Feeling ko, ganun pa la yun?,,nyah!…oo nga noh!.... .Just like the one posted by Khristoffer Musni, “What it means to be poor”…the father thought, what he did was good for the child…. but it was the contrary…it was the child who brought the good news for him…geez!!! 

Yesterday, my special someone and I, went to the site for 4th world meeting of families…since we were not registered as delegates, we could not enter into PICC…(picc nga ba un?..basta dun..;-0)…so we decided to watch the rehearsals at quirino grand stand…beso-beso kay jolens (cute sya), karyll… este nangarap pa….after that  we took snacks…. sandwhich… masarap syempre… masarap kasi gutom na… hehe..…while munching the food sumptuously, a boy caught our attention…. may dala syang sako, tas iniisa-isa nya ung basurahan….we were shocked nung may makuha syang soda can, tas ininom nya!… oh my God, marumi un!… nilapitan namen, den binigyan nmen ng sandwhich…tinititigan namen sya… tas sabay bigay, with a smile..…tas sabe ba naman, “salamat po”…tas sabe ko, wag mong sabihen “salamat po”…. salamat lang…pareho naman tayong nagugutom eh… tas pareho den namang mabaho “jebs” naten eh…. napangiti sya…yung ngiting, nakatingin sya sayo na hindi nahihiya…. eye to eye… napatawa den kame… kasi lam mo yun, ang sarap ng ngiti nya eh!… hehe…. umalis na…. nakalimutan namen, yung drinks!… sabe ni special someone, habulin mo!… eh wala na…. haay…. magbibigay lang naman ng food ala pang pantulak…. tsk2!……….

Umuwe kameng masaya…. masaya dahil na masaya…. este… hehe … nde…masaya pala kapag nakikita mo ang kapwa mong naka-smile…. kahit, ang dumi ng suot… kahit, pati pisngi nya may grasa….pero ang puso nya, grabe ang linis!…just a simple joke, his pure heart captures it and returns it with a smile!…yung smile pa lang nya, solve na kame kahit hindi sya magpasalamat…yun lang!…yun lang……….masaya…nakakapataba ng puso…minsan, sobrang busy sa work, pero naalis yung dinadalang pressure…. malakas ang tama…hehe…

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