Drugs: A comfort Zone?

Novemeber 4, 2005. After lunch I went to the next street to look for my cousin. There I saw, let’s call him, “Bugoy.” Bugoy is a friend of my cousin. He is kind, diligent, and active in school. I asked the whereabouts of my cousin, but he didn’t know. He was holding some stuff, not of  my knowledge. So I asked what it was. To my surprise, it was illegal drugs! I queried, why he had it?! He said just for some “trip.” I realized, it is now rampant among the youth and in fact he said it is the cheapest drug that he is into. I continued, “isn’t it prohibited?” He said as long as no one would see, it was ok… ahh…last questions… “why do you take that? Do you take often?” … “Well, just to ease some problems. I don’t take this often though. Just now.”

Whew!… They can just carry those stuff publicly?! I took my cam and asked his permission to shoot it, promising not to show his face. I was curious!


We had an hour conversation. I had learned that his mom has been abroad and she sends him and his sis with allowance. His sis receives the money and gives him too little share. Bugoy, I know is a member of an academic organization in a university. He has high grades, I suppose.


We too have our own problems. Distinct for every individual. Some are tough, some are just mild. And to alleviate those, we resort to a “comfort zone.” Different comfort zones according to each want. Not need. What is saddening, is, when drugs come into the scene. I am just thinking, who does not have a problem anyway? Is drugs a solution to those?


The generation of today dictates us that to be able to solve a problem, we need to have a comfort zone. But in reality, the first step in solving it, is facing it, squarely. Bugoy could contact his mom! Instead of taking drugs. I told him of course! The youth of today has a very poor self-esteem. They could hardly handle too little problem. I just cannot imagine, how much more if they reach their adulthood? Having family? They would again route to drugs? What lies ahead of this generation? Is the youth still the hope of the future? Or, does it remain a famous line by our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal?

If we would have comfort zones, we have families to go to…good friends… a priest… a pastor… or anybody who is willing to listen to us. Solutions are just on our finger tips!… They may not give us best solutions though, but they are there to just listen to us. And who knows, they can even give us best suggestions! The most important thing is that, we are able to release that burden from our minds and hearts. Not to resort to drugs which pound the problems even deeper. And the last, but the most… don’t we have a God? An Allah? Or at least Someone we consider beyond our human power?!

So what are we waiting for?


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