bulusan: my hometown

welcome to a paradise!… dubbed, the Switzerland of the Orient

Bulusan, comes from the root word “bulos.” meaning “agos” or “water current.” thus “bulusan” would literally mean, a basin or place where water flows through. it can also mean, water path.

rich in natural resources. namely, Bulusan Lake, Agingay Lake, Palogtok Falls, Dancalan Beach, Miliga-biga Beach, Masacrot Spring, etc. the town is surrounded by vast forest and green trees. unfortunately, illegal logging is one of the problems. hope the national government can preserve and protect our natural wealth.

the area is also rich in historical sites and cultures.




immensity of a water: bulusan lake, national park


lying at the foot of Bulusan Volcano. folklore has it, handsome Bulusan and beautiful Agingay lived happily as married couple under the shadow of the volcano.

“The two lakes are now known as Lake Bulusan and Lake Agingay, and the volcano upon whose slopes the two beautiful lakes serenely repose, is now known as Mt. Bulusan.”


children and residents, fishing “tilapia.” 




these flowers were grown in Masacrot Spring little garden. while the rest were enjoying the cold natural mineral water, there i was hunting for potential subjects. 


Dancalan beach



Bulusan River: as clear as drinking water…a living witness of my childhood… during weekends, nanay permitted brod and me to play and plunge into the river… we usually call this “Iraya”… meaning by the mountainside as opposed to “Ilawod”, which is by the seaside…we rented “salbabida” from Inoy (sir or mang) Toti for 50cents/small…our “salbabida” then (and now…hehe) is the inflated interior of jeepney tire…the bigger ones are of the trucks’… like the children on the backround, we jumped from the top of the boulder down to the running spring…i guess, it’s 9 feet above the water…oh i miss my childhood, when every enjoyable things were all free!



  1. felicissima said,

    September 14, 2006 at 8:16 pm

    hei joey!

    what does kabaysay mean?

  2. joey said,

    September 14, 2006 at 4:02 pm


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