a friend: engrossed with love. deal or no deal?

Sept. 02, 2006
glorietta, SM, greenbelt


5:00 – rise up, morning prayer

5:15 – shower

5:30 – bound to d’ fort for photo shoot with meg

6:00 – start of the journey from market-market to d’ fort

we’ve got lotz of pictures. i’ll post ’em here soon.

9:30 – makati med, check-up. all the way to 2:00PM


2:30 – SM makati. bought SD card reader, plus blank CD
3:00 –

read books at powerbooks. then bumped into a long lost friend, girl.

“kumusta ka na?” was the typical way of saying “hello.” the conversation waved thru recollecting other friends… to lovelives, lovelife, and love…

we continued sharing till ended up in figaro, greenbelt. i gave her the priviledge of treating me. she’s a manager anyway. (till next meeting ha!..hehe.kiddin)

listening to her sharing, i confirmed with her that she was engrossed with love and romance. to the point that she was blinded and realized one day that perhaps, she only had a dream!…

it was a turning point. she was just in love with love that she almost forgot her love for oneself.

many girls perhaps share the same experience. always a question of… “why?”

why choose to live in a dream for the pleasure of being in love? even to the point that a guy fools a girl?


is that stuff still called love?

wake up girls. why not look for a man who cares a lot of you and loves you much?

your integrity as a woman counts best, than the love that you could offer him.
IT IS BETTER TO CHOOSE A MAN WHO LOVES YOU MOST, THAN THE ONE WHOM YOU LOVE MOST. do not wallow in the affection that you have for a man.

before doing so, make sure that he loves you more than you love him. or better yet, at least he shows the same amount of affection that you have for him.

even though we are already the modern “man,” we still have the blood of our ancestor… the historical “man”

we deemed to be conquerors…

we tend to secure, not be secured…

we hunt, not fed…

we protect, we care, we love… a girl of integrity.

we incline to win a heart of a girl, worth to be sought after for…

that, we consider an achievement… a treasure we cannot let go!


’bout you?…

are you one? 


1 Comment

  1. Zeny said,

    September 26, 2006 at 5:05 pm

    Hi Paul,

    This is really cool! Keep up the good work….”beautiful pictures and poems resounds the echoes of the soul!”

    Well, “To love is to take a risk not being loved in return” – Leo Buscaglia…my favorite author of LOVE!

    Goodluck to you..I hope to see you soon! BUT this time, you owe me!

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