a friend: cont’d… starbucks by this time

Sept. 02, 2006
glorietta, SM, greenbelt


powerbooks again. seriously reading. then 3 girl-friends texted that they were coming.

i was excited but a bit anxious. excited to see them again. anxious coz of some little issues.

i ordered mango juice. i might have an over-intake of coffee…remember, i had figaro earlier…

we chatted bout work, etc…etc… we were able to connect again and had a good bonding… the doubts and anger were cleared… and laughter has become the new ingredient. great!

they are close friends in the making… a little bonding more and the friendship will get much stronger…


these girl-friends give me a balance for the set of friends that i associate with. yes, i have other girl-friends too, but they are already married. some are abroad.

geez, my panyeros and i have all the time sharing… all stuff under the sun. but we are all aware that we should not be an all-male member company… girls will always be our roses… that’s why…

7:30PM – cab. i headed up to the office for work. back to the technical world again.

forwarded to see you again girls… i miss you a lot!… i am so at ease being with you. i miss the real you. hope to stay with you till… till time exists…


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