Response to inferior_poet’s ‘May Gusto Ako’

on August 25th, 2006 – 8:30 am

oh well… i am on your shoes!… but, for me it’s ok to feel this way coz i am supposed to be the one courting the girl! (not the other way around.)

but before i do courtin’, am sure of my feelings for the girl? do i really love her?

shall i court the girl immediately? or am i just presssured by peers?

do i need to get serious? or follow peers advice to just take it easy?

which is which?…

… ah… lemme examine my conscience for awhile… girls are not play objects.. they are persons ought to be loved… be respected… and be cared of… afterall, if am over introspecting, and decide courting the girl, it means i really love her!…

knowing precedes loving… i cannot court her if i do not really know what is inside this heart… yes, i do believe in magic… but i’d make sure that this magic is not just for a moment… but can sustain till forever… the real magic in love is when both of you can reproduce it over and over again despite the odds that may come… it is an everyday “do you love me?”.. and everyday “yes-es”… that’s the real magic!


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