the comfort of my soul

History has it, “man” pays homage to gods before hunting. Asking for blessing to have a good hunt…

After the hunt… after a harvest…. he again bows… to offer the catch … the crop…

As the world evolves, man becomes more rational in his divine understanding. He now knows a God, whom he implores… thanks… and adores…

Greenbelt chapel, the comfort of my soul….

… Like the historical man, in here I pay homage and implore my God

              …. In here I found refuge when job was not yet on the reach

              … In here I offer all the tribulations life has had

              … In here I give thanks and offer my “catch”… my harvest…

A chapel, a witness to my dreams…

                        my pains… my joy!

                        my failure…my success!

                        my brokeness… my affection!

                        my well-being…

Life is… without meaning, without looking up to Someone from the beyond…



 DSCI0046   DSCI0043

DSCI0042 DSCI0049

 DSCI0038    DSCI0034


 DSCI0033   DSCI0031




  1. felicissima said,

    August 31, 2006 at 8:26 pm

    ui sorry, i discovered na filter ung post mo ng anti-spam neto…

    yah, these are mine…anung screensaver un?..;-)…ala akong maalala…;-)..

  2. August 25, 2006 at 7:09 am

    ganda ng mga pic ha. kuha mo?! pero ang balita ko mas maganda yung screensaver mo. ako ba may kuha non? bwahahaha!!!

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