a smile in her cheenky eyes

….. poems 
the world of my unspoken thoughts…where love and joy collide..a contradiction to my material dreams…


                                            there will you see
                                                   the simplest in her beauty
                                                         a smile paints her face
                                            that which full of grace
                                            from afar she glances
                                                   her eyes twist with dances
                                                         stare at me with a lure
                                            a grin so irresistible
                                            her lashes narrow
                                                  pupils tour to and fro
                                                         revealing her cheenky eyes
                                            a beauty in a guise
                                            who will not be enticed
                                                   with a smile in her cheenky eyes
                                                         of a lady so pretty
                                            who conquered all of me
                                            oh my sweet lady
                                                  soon again shall i see
                                                         your smile in cheenky eyes
                                            that heaves my heart with a sigh



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